What we do

Crescendo Real Estate is a Europe-focused principal investing and advisory group established in 2013 and with $485m (31 December 2021) in commitments and invested capital on behalf of institutional investors, asset managers and single family offices.


We provide tenants and borrowers with the capital

they need to grow their businesses. 


We provide 100% of the value of corporate real estate to companies seeking an alternative capital source to the conventional debt or equity markets.  Freeing up the capital that is inherent in a company’s property assets allows tenants to amortize their longest term assets with longest-term financing while additionally converting land value as a depreciable expense.

Through this creative, non-bank financing method,  this capital can then be used for reinvesting, refinancing, expansion or acquisitions. 


Our Focus on Europe derives from having conducted transactions in the region for the past twenty years gaining an in-depth knowledge of legal and accounting requirements in multiple jurisdictions and countries.

Crescendo Real Estate was founded by Cabot Lodge and Daniel Quai in 2013 as an independent principal investment and advisory firm.

Senior Management has extensive experience in sale-leasebacks, build-to-suits, credit underwriting and corporate finance.


The founders have worked together for many years and have a proven track record, successfully investing over $5 billion in corporate net lease transaction for institutional and individual investors.

Image by Jaanus Jagomägi