Crescendo Real Estate Partners is a principal investing and advisory firm established in 2013. We structure differentiated real estate products and platforms focused on current income and growth. In all cases, we co-invest alongside our clients and emphasize capital preservation. We pursue strategies primarily in Western Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States as well as Australia.  

It is our belief that, as with many investments, real estate breaks down into two categories – income and growth. The former requires value-added experience and know-how before closing. The latter emphasizes value-added management after closing.

We invest in all parts of the capital structure, given appropriate risk/reward and are geographically diverse, recognizing that real estate is cyclical.

  • Income
    A buy & long-term hold strategy: Crescendo Preservation & Income Fund I & II, are closed-end funds focused on providing predictable, regular and increasing cash distributions to investors. The Funds invest in corporate credits occupying operationally important real estate on a long-term triple-net basis. Through this creative financing method, we help corporate treasuries access capital tied up in real estate assets that can then be used for reinvesting, refinancing, expansion, acquisitions or special dividends. 

  • Debt
    Since the global financial crisis, traditional real estate lenders have retreated from the market thus creating a funding gap which is being filled by non-traditional lenders. Crescendo Real Estate Debt Fund seeks to provide mezzanine, preferred equity or special situation financing to developers in the United States, Western Europe, the United Kingdom and Australia.

  • Growth
    Crescendo Real Estate Opportunities is focused on investing (i) alongside management teams in order to grow real estate rich operating companies, and, (ii)  in real estate or loans that are undervalued as a result of liquidity or financing constraints. Typically, these investments will be loan-to-own acquisitions or assisting in re-capitalizing a developer or project.